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The arrest of Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski on charges of sexual assault in Virginia has drawn condemnation from officials as high-ranking as President Barack Obamaand no wonder. After all, he was the Air Force's chief of sexual-assault prevention.

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Krusinski is also a graduate of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs -- and his bust comes ten years after Westword helped expose sex assaults there, prompting a national scandal. Our original coverage and more below.

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The year-old Krusinski is accused of groping the buttocks and breasts of a woman during the wee hours of Sunday in an Arlington, Virginia parking lot. He was released on bond, but he's due in court tomorrow.

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His appearance there represents a long fall for Krusinski, whose military career is filled with highlights. Long before scaling these career heights, Krusinski attended the Air Force Academy, where Stars and Stripes says he lettered in baseball prior to his graduation. Less than a decade later, inthe Academy was rocked by claims of sexual assault by female attendees, many of whom argued that the institution's culture failed to take such crimes seriously.

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Then- Westword staffer Julie Jargon brought such reports to light in " The War Within ," and in conjunction with coverage by 7News and other outlets, these allegations led to widespread condemnation of such acts and pledges by Air Force officials to address the allegations and send a zero-tolerance message regarding sexual assault that extended beyond the Academy to every branch of the military.

Ten years later, the charges against Krusinski, not to mention data showing that there were 26, sexual assaults in the armed services circa -- an increase of more than a third from two years prior -- suggest that not nearly enough has changed. With this as context, here's the complete text and accompanying photos from "The War Within," whose revelations remain all-too relevant today.

Lisa Ballas arrived at the party in good spirits. In fact, everyone there was.

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Their school football team just beat the University of Wyomingsteaks were grilling, the television was tuned to sports, and they were ready to celebrate. The group of about fifteen students gathered at the Aurora home toasted a friend who was leaving school, then split up, some of them heading down to the basement to play Twister while others watched television as a card game started in the kitchen.

But this wasn't just any college party. It was thrown by and for cadets of the United States Air Force Academy, a place where young men and women vow to live honorably and take oaths against lying, stealing and cheating.

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A place where every decision has a consequence. On this October 13,night, twenty-year-old Lisa decided to Local Sluts Air Force Academy CO seven vodka-and-lemonade cocktails. She threw up about three hours into the party; feeling better afterward, she decided to the poker game -- despite its drink-if-you-lose stakes. Not long after, her friends upped the ante to an item of clothing. Lisa protested at first, then went along with them and ended up disrobing down to her underwear. But that was far enough for her; she got dressed and went to get a glass of water.

On the way, cadet Max Rodriguez stopped her. Although she'd just met him earlier that evening, she knew of him through friends and knew that he was engaged to be married, so when he took her by the wrist and led her out of the kitchen and into the master bathroom, she didn't think much of it.

Not even when he started kissing her -- or when she kissed him back. But she was hazy from the alcohol, and things started moving fast -- too fast. He started touching her and taking off her clothes.

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Was the room spinning? He lifted her onto the countertop, and the fog started to clear.

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Lisa finally understood the situation. She told him to stop.

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Again, she claims, she told him to stop and pushed him away. He leaned me back against the counter and inserted his penis again," she recalls.

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Just then, the cadet hosting the party knocked on the door and told them to leave his parents' bathroom. Max finally let Lisa go. She got dressed and found her trusted friend Justin Chandler. When another friend, Adam Keith, discovered them, Lisa was sobbing, and she asked him to go with her to straighten up any mess.

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She frantically went over to the counter and immediately began wiping up the blood off the counter, trying to clean it up as fast as she could so I wouldn't have to see it. When Adam pointed out the blood spots on the carpet, Lisa asked him to help her find cleaning supplies. While they were letting carpet cleaner soak in, "Lisa totally broke down crying," he noted. She kept saying stuff like, 'I didn't know where he was taking me. He said, "Follow me, follow me," and I just followed him.

I didn't know that this was the parents' bedroom. I didn't know that he locked the door. I feel so bad.

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At least nothing happened; at least nothing happened. I am glad that nothing happened. Three times, I told him NO! I tried to push him away. The next day, Lisa Ballas returned to Colorado Springs and reported the incident, beginning a three-month investigation and a chain of events that left her feeling betrayed by an academy she grew up admiring.

This isn't the first time one cadet has accused another of rape. Sexual-assault allegations started flaring up at the academy in after a freshman reported being assaulted on base the night of Valentine's Day. Although the attackers were never positively identified -- and some were suspected to be civilians -- superintendent Lieutenant General Brad Hosmer held an unprecedented private meeting with all female cadets.

He asked who knew of other women assaulted at school; of them said they did. Eight days later, Hosmer held a rare press conference, in which he announced that two more female cadets had come forward with reports of sexual assault. To combat a problem he said he was both surprised and embarrassed by, Hosmer established the Center for Character Development to teach cadets the conduct expected of military officers.

To encourage victims to come forward, he waived the usual chain of command, allowing cadets to report sex crimes to someone other than their immediate superior. He also had more outdoor lighting installed, introduced the course "Gender, Race and Human Dignity," and made sure all academic and military training programs were reviewed to increase awareness Local Sluts Air Force Academy CO offensive and criminal behavior.

Over the next eight months, the academy received thirteen more reports of sexual assault.

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Two were filed by civilian women and the rest by cadets; all involved either male cadets or officers of the academy. One case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence, but the remainder were resolved in a variety of ways. Hosmer viewed the rise in reporting as a of increased trust in the academy and was happy to know that these reports were still lower than at other schools.

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He remembers reading a study that showed that the of reported sexual assaults at the academy was much lower than that at the civilian colleges surveyed. Cases continued to surface after Hosmer retired in after 35 years of service. InElizabeth Saum accused fellow cadets of holding her down and simulating rape, urinating on her, shaking and slapping her, and choking her until she became unconscious during Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, a POW training program required of every sophomore. Saum sued the academy for violating her constitutional rights, and the case was settled out of court in December Both parties agreed not to discuss the terms, but resistance training was halted.

The academy is Local Sluts Air Force Academy CO considering reintroducing the program. The survey revealed a 19 percent increase in the of Air Force cadets complaining of recurring sexual harassment since the GAO conducted the same survey two years before. More than a third of the academy's female cadets reported encountering "unwelcome, deliberate physical contact of a sexual nature" during the school year. Many of the cadets also indicated that they feared negative consequences for reporting an assault; fewer than half of those surveyed believed a report would result in a thorough investigation and appropriate discipline for the offender.

were similar for the other two academies. A decade and a variety of new programs later, the problem of sexual assault still persists, and many victims continue to fear retribution for coming forward. Hosmer isn't shocked by that. My hope is that by talking about it, it will throw the spotlight on further ways that programs can be refined and improved. When Hosmer's successor, the late Lieutenant General Paul Stein, took over, he recognized that victims still had nowhere to go for support, so he formed Cadets Advocating Sexual Integrity and Education, a program that now consists of 65 to 70 student volunteers who provide assistance to victims and operate a hour hotline to take anonymous calls.

When a cadet is sexually assaulted, it is a CASIE representative who explains the victim's options of receiving counseling, reporting the crime or simply doing nothing. If the rape is reported and no more than 72 hours have passed since the assault, Alma Guzman, a retired Air Force colonel and registered nurse who serves as CASIE's victim-advocate coordinator, accompanies the victim to Memorial Local Sluts Air Force Academy CO for a rape exam. However, once a victim reports a sexual assault, the CASIE program can do little beyond offering counseling and some advocacy in getting the cadet -- and witnesses -- absolved of punishment if any academy rules were broken.

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So, if, for example, a victim wants to go on emergency leave after an assault or is worried about getting punished for drinking on the night that an assault occurred, advocates can ask the victim's commanding officer to allow her to leave base for a while or to waive disciplinary action.

Major Kelly Phillips-Henry, the psychologist in charge of sexual-assault services at the academy's counseling center and the head of CASIE, says the leaders at the academy typically grant such requests.

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CASIE representatives also run educational programs for their peers. During their four years at the academy, cadets receive extensive training on what constitutes sexual assault, how to help a friend who has been assaulted, and how to find help if they themselves are victimized.

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In their first three days on campus, cadets receive briefings on sexual assault; at the end of their summer basic training, they receive additional briefings; and in the fall of their freshman year, they take a course called "Street Smarts," in which they learn how to protect themselves in all kinds of potentially dangerous situations, including drinking and driving, jogging on campus and traveling off base.

Officers go over different scenarios in which cadets could find themselves as a way to teach them preventative measures. Probably not a good idea.

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We talk a lot about those risk situations and about making smart decisions," Phillips-Henry says. At that time, cadets must take one of 32 offered seminars on sexual assault. We're very proud of our program, and we continue to grow every year. We acknowledge that we have a program and that this is an issue on our campus, unlike some of the other military academies where, if you don't have a program, then you don't have a problem. It's like closing your eyes to it. However, the United States Naval Academy has a program similar to CASIE, called Sexual Assault Victims Intervention, that offers counseling by trained midshipmen as well as a hour anonymous hotline staffed by two psychologists trained in sexual-assault counseling, says Commander Bill Spann.

West Point did not respond to questions about its policies. Phillips-Henry acknowledges that sexual assault is an under-reported crime.

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She says only ten to thirteen Air Force cadets come forward each year saying they are sexual-assault victims; that includes cadets assaulted prior to enrolling, those assaulted by civilians, anonymous calls to the hotline, cadets in CASIE counseling and those pursuing an investigation. Sincethe academy has investigated twenty sexual-assault reports. The academy, which was established in and began admitting women nineteen years later, now enrolls 4, cadets, only of whom are females.

In the past year, two cadets have been court-martialed for sexual assaults on civilians.

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