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Once there, the none-too-shy officer stripped down and laid naked on the massage table while Knapton reportedly tugged on his junk.

“If I sold your daughter a small amount of drugs, any drugs, I most assuredly will get a felony conviction and prison time. But if I literally sell your daughter, I get nothing…”

You can read the entire motion below — but in short, attorney Robert J. Furthermore the prosecution argued that the law was Backpage Escorts Muldrow OK vague and that this matter had already been addressed in Maxwell v. State — wherein the prosecution argues it was determined that the proper distance to be measured is from the place of prostitution to the structure of the church or school. Regardless, its an interesting look at the legal ranging that can go on behind the scenes of prostitution prosecutions in Oklahoma.

His attorney has filed a lengthy boilerplate motion for…. JohnTV has four times now article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4 ly reported on the plight of retired Lt. Alan L. Bonner, 66 of Stillwater and his Nov. According to the police report see bottom of articleBonner replied to a faux hoe ad on Back. Bonner, until very recently, was the national executive director of Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity and Tau Backpage Escorts Muldrow OK Sigma sorority.

On Dec. Bonner was charged with one misdemeanor count of soliciting prostitution. Bonner has voluntarily reed from his employment with the organizations effective December 15, The very next day Dec. The five motion gives a laundry list of documents they want prosecutors to produce see below.

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Alan Bonner Motion to Produce. Its not clear what Ramsey and Bonner hope to accomplish with this motion as the arrest re as pretty standard stuff.

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JohnTV surmises that either Ramsey is simply trying to justify however much she charged Bonner for representation, they are trying to delay the case as much and for as long as possible, or they think pissing off prosecutors will someone work in their favor not a bright idea. JohnTV was the first to report the Nov.

According to court records, around 11 p. Prinster was taken into custody and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of prostitution and felony computer crimes. They pretend to be wealthy, educated, successful and on a first name basis with A-list celebrities — when in reality they spend their time concocting fantasy filled press-releasesstalking celebrities for photo opportunities, engaging in prostitution and scamming people from coast-to-coast. Check back as JohnTV is compiling a massive amount of information on Prinster and Ford who also goes by Cameron and we will be highlighting their scams Backpage Escorts Muldrow OK exploits in a very detailed article soon.

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Konia Printer Affidavit. Prinster and Ford as shown on their numerous bogus social media profiles. Prinster with Cuba Gooding Jr. The video helps employees identify trafficking situations, and it details the steps to alert proper authorities.

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Truckers Against Trafficking continually seeks additional ways for the trucking industry to get involved in the fight against human trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking TAT is a c 3 that exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking. The national hotline to call if human trafficking is suspected is To learn more, go to www. The main arguments in favor of legalization are that it would be better because we could create safe environments for the women and men who sell sex. They could be tested regularly and work in nicer conditions with medical care, and the government could tax Backpage Escorts Muldrow OK and generate more revenue.

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, but there are legal brothels in nearby towns.

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The impact of them is seen in Las Vegas. Girls working in the brothels include those who are sent there by pimps.

“On May 9, , in Oklahoma County, I knowingly and willfully harbored and maintained [the juvenile female], a person under 18 years old, for the purpose of engaging [the juvenile female] in a commercial sex act.”

Those girls are beaten and threatened — not within the walls of the brothels, but when they leave. Brothel owners either turn a blind eye to this or feel powerless to do anything. Girls may be safer from attacks by johns inside a brothel, but we cannot regulate this violence outside the brothel walls.

Pimps and traffickers have told me that when our former Mayor talked about legalizing prostitution in Las Vegas, they thought he was seeking to help them.

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Pimps could then deploy every girl they have and more and have them working in plain sight with impunity. And when all those brothels were set up on the strip — who would feed the monster? Pimps and brothel owners would inevitably be out looking for more, newer and better boys and girls.

Question: “Do you get paid to do this or do you just do this for the sake of humanity?”

And who would they be? Legalization does not benefit the people selling sex; nor does legalization produce female empowerment. What it does is serve the owners of brothels, pimps and the johns who frequent them. Furthermore, it is immoral to think that the government would want any part of profiting from this behavior. We have been down that road before and that was called slavery.


Legalization of prostitution would legitimatize and increase modern day slavery. This blog post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post and the producers Backpage Escorts Muldrow OK the film TRICKEDa new documentary that sheds light on the reality of sex trafficking in the United States and follows the exploiters, the purchasers, the police officers, the survivors, the families and the social workers involved in the sex trade. The film opens on December The two leave the area and appear to drive aimlessly for several miles before returning to the South Robinson Ave.

Once there, Bates confirmed that the two had moved to the rear of the SUV and appeared to be engaging in a lewd act. In the video below, Zolicoffer is one of several women engaged in street prostitution standing on the corner of SW 34 and S. Robinson Avenue. Zolicoffer has her back to the camera and has short hair and is wearing denim shorts and a beige top.

In fact, several members of law enforcement from different agencies have urged me over the years to carry Backpage Escorts Muldrow OK gun and even wear a bullet-proof vest. That said, Oklahoma is currently an open carry and conceal and carry state.

I personally support the right for citizens to bare arms and I keep firearms in my home for protection.

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However, I have always resisted the desire to carry a concealed or openly holstered sidearm while engaging in my JohnTV commercial activism. The reasons for this are many, but primarily center around my belief that citizens should not have to arm themselves with lethal weapons when exposing criminal activity in their community. Additionally, there are always constant reminders in the news media that with the right to bare arms comes a very real responsibility and civil and criminal liability.

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In my opinion two of the most recent examples of poor choices by trained individuals with firearms are the pharmacist Jerome Ersland case in Oklahoma City and the highly publicized case of the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. On occasion I do carry a taser — which used incorrectly only exposes me to assault charges and not murder.

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In a street prostitute attack me by throwing a large rock at my windshield and I was forced to exit my vehicle and hold her until police arrived. Robinson and tried to force one of two prostitutes into his car. In I confront local pimp Jody Duffy when he was assaulting his girlfriend prostitute Tisha Howard.

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Even when not confronting pimps, I am often in very close proximity to them and their criminal activity. Should they see me, the situation can easily turn deadly. He gets out of his vehicle to physically attack me. Every arrest of a wanted fugitive holds the potential for Backpage Escorts Muldrow OK violent encounter. In I aided police by identifying for them violent serial rapist, William Horton, who was preying on the women of S. Robinson Ave. The post FAQ: Do you carry a weapon or anything just in case?

According to published reports, Lindsay Lovell, 21, of Muldrow, OK and Victor Medlock, 31, of Fort Smith, AR, were taken into custody after police found probable cause that a year old female with them was being used for prostitution.

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The arrests took place at an Airline Highway hotel in Baton Rouge. Also found in the hotel was a newborn infant belonging to Lovell. During the investigation it was learned that Lovell allegedly purchased a bus ticket for the young girl and sent her to Baton Rouge where she was met by Medlock.

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Lovell, her infant, Medlock and their teen victim then went to an unknown location and purchased drugs. At some point it is alleged that Lovell placed on Back.

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Police showed a photo of the missing girl to the hotel desk clerk who confirmed the girl had been seen going in and out of a room rented by Medlock. When police entered the room they found Lovell, her infant and the victim. Police also report the room smelled of marijuana and that more drugs were recovered in the rooms refrigerator.

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Lovell and Medlock were booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on complaints of trafficking children for sexual purposes, promotion of prostitution, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile x2, possession of marijuana and illegal use of a dangerous drug in the presence of persons under 17 x2. Lovell is no stranger to headlines regarding prostitution. This time last year Lovell was featured in Arkansas media reports regarding a prostitution sting in Rogers that also resulting in the arrested of an Army Colonel and local lawyer.

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John Benjamin Kennedy Jr. Kennedy is already serving a life sentence for the strangulation death of a year-old prostitute in an Oklahoma City motel in Investigators say Kegans, who worked as a waitress, left a north Oklahoma City Pizza Hut around p. Hanlin told detectives that he had sex with Kegans and that she left his residence at about 4 a.

Question: “Do These People Get Arrested After You Show The Tape To The Police? What Happens To Them?”

Unfortunately for Kegans, she was picked up by then year-old Kennedy, who worked as a bouncer at the Whiskey River Bar in Norman. Kegans body was discovered near downtown Oklahoma City the same day by two men looking for scrap metal under an Interstate 40 bridge by the Oklahoma River. Once there, and between the hours of 8 p.

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Kennedy was also placed at the scene by eyewitness testimony of individuals who claim to have seen Kennedy with McFaddin in his brown Gran Torino.

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